Peter Lawton Photography

Mother & Daughter

While driving through southern Utah, I passed this huge pasture with Buffalo and Horses. I pulled over, grabbed my camera and called over to the smaller of the two. To my surprise she came over to the fence and greeted me. I gave her a good pat and scratch before the other horse came over. From the looks of it, it may have been her mother so I gave her some attention as well. I then stepped back to capture their interaction and ended up with this shot. Enjoy!

Salerno Sunset

Shot at sunset in Salerno, Italy. 3 exposure HDR more over at my blog.

From Grass to Snow

Salerno Sunset 2

Shot at sunset in Salerno, Italy. 3 exposure HDR I really enjoy the colors, texture and feel of this one.

Fountain di Trevi

Early am shot from the historic district I was "Roming" the streets between 3-7am

A ride back in time

Came across a Trolly Museum while traveling through Maine. Managed to get a few shots of the old A train from NYC. I love the ceiling fans in this old car. © 2013 Peter Lawton