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Mother & Daughter

While driving through southern Utah, I passed this huge pasture with Buffalo and Horses. I pulled over, grabbed my camera and called over to the smaller of the two. To my surprise she came over to the fence and greeted me. I gave her a good pat and scratch before the other horse came over. From the looks of it, it may have been her mother so I gave her some attention as well. I then stepped back to capture their interaction and ended up with this shot. Enjoy!

Salerno Sunset

Shot at sunset in Salerno, Italy. 3 exposure HDR more over at my blog. http://bitly.com/13wwYHY

From Grass to Snow

Salerno Sunset 2

Shot at sunset in Salerno, Italy. 3 exposure HDR I really enjoy the colors, texture and feel of this one.

Fountain di Trevi

Early am shot from the historic district I was "Roming" the streets between 3-7am

A ride back in time

Came across a Trolly Museum while traveling through Maine. Managed to get a few shots of the old A train from NYC. I love the ceiling fans in this old car. © 2013 Peter Lawton

Graffiti Bus

I took this roadside on the way back from Boneville Salt Flats


Montepertuso (which literary means "hole in the mountain") is a hamlet of the town of Positano, located on a hill in the upper part of the town. It is the ideal place for trekking lovers, thanks to several suggestive paths which connect the hamlet of Montepertuso to the Lattari Mountains. According to the legend, this was the place of the legendary battle between the Virgin Mary and the Devil, traces of which can still be seen in the rock of the Gambera Mount (510m): the shape of the snake and the suggestive hole in the mountain made by the finger index of the Virgin.